4 reasons why you should travel to Delhi. (Delhi travel blog)

4 reasons why you should travel to Delhi. (Delhi travel blog)

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When you travel, there are lots of factors that make you decide whether you like that place or not. Their weather conditions, the hospitality of locals, culture, food and much more and finally when you return back you return with loads of memory and leave your small part of your heart in that place.

Delhi is one of those places in the world which make it’s impact on you the ver first moment you land here

. Doesn’t matter how hard you try but you simply can’t ignore it’s chaos and hustle. You will be surprised by it’s diversity, poverty, traffic, chaos, monuments, food and much more . You can do two things , either get intimidated by it and hate this place or just go with the flow let the Delhi show it’s magic.

If you let the Delhi shows it’s magic and will just move with the flow you will be amazed by the secret this historic city has been hiding from you all these times.

I don’t stay in Delhi but my love for this place is certainly unmatchable. Here are my lists of reasons why you travel to Delhi.

1) Delhi’s Diversity-





Delhi has been the capital of India since 1200 Ad and in that prolong period of time it has been served by Mughals, Britishers, and lodi. That basically leads to people from around the country coming here in search of prosperous future. There are lots of evidence available that shows during Mughal Empire Old Delhi had one of the biggest spice markets of the world, and traders from all around the globe used to come here for business. They used to give their craftsmanship in exchange of spices and other valuable goods.

Now also if you visit Delhi still you can people from all over the country coming here for better opportunities. For example, CR Park is famous for their Bengali communities and Lajpat Nagar for their Punjabi communities. Just by travelling to different areas you can feel the change in the customs and culture of the locals. But one thing is common, they all will welcome you with equal hospitality and generosity

Basically, Delhi is whole India in the nutshell.

2) Rich Heritages and historic sites to visit




Mughals were known for their rich culture and architecture and in that period of time they have made many historic and glorious monuments throughout the city. Some got lost in the sands of time, but many are still standing firmly and profoundly.

Many monuments like Lal Kila and Qutub Minar has chosen as the UNESCO World’s heritage sites and millions of tourist visit these historic sites to admire it’s beauty.

On Independence Day (15 August), the Prime Minister of India hoists the ‘tricolor’ national flag at the main gate of the fort and delivers a nationally-broadcast speech from its ramparts. 

Apart from these, there are many other historic sites which you can visit.

  • India Gate

  • Qutub Minar

  • Lal kila

  • Jama masjid

  • Humanyu’s Tomb

  • Lodi Garden

  • Ajmeri Gate

  • Hauz Khaz Village

  • Purana Kila

 3) Irresistible food culture.


Chaat at Kashi chaat, Varanasi


Delhi has amazing options when it comes to global food culture. From Japanese Udon noodle to amazing Mexican fish tacos you can get almost everything here, and why not, after all it is the capital of one of the most important country in the world

But true enigmatic beauty of Delhi’s food is not in some luxury edgy restaurant, where you can enjoy your meal with a glass or red wine. The true beauty of Delhi’s food lies in the crowded downtown alleys of the city, where you can enjoy those tender juicy kebabs served with the mint and chilly chutney, just on the road side

I have one really profound memory of enjoying hot tandoori chicken in one of the alleys of the Old Delhi in one of the cold winter night. Whenever I do reminisce those moments I can feel that sensation on my taste buds . Yes, I can feel the rush.

The moment the food will be served at your table surely you won’t be able to refrain devouring it.

The blend of ingredients which has been passed through generations and passion involved in it’s making surely provides extra dimension to the food and lips smashing taste to die for. Some of the most common option when it comes to the street food of Delhi which everyone should have on there to do list are.


  • Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar ( Chandani Chowk)

  • Khan Chacha (Khan Market)

  • Sitaram Diwan Chand (Paharganj)

  • Salim’s Kebabs (Defence Colony)

  • Lalu Kababee (Jama Masjid)

  • Kale Baba ke Kebabs (Jama Masjid)

  • Karim’s (Jama Masjid)

  • Babu Bhai Kebabwale (Jama Masjid)

  • Natraj DahiBhalla (Chandani Chowk)





Like many other things in, Delhi has enormous options when it comes to street shoppings and Markets. From Top brands in the world like Gucci, louis vuitton, Zara to some of the really good handloom and locals hand made shops in Delhi Haat, you get almost everything here.

Trust me, one of the best way to enjoy the Diverse vivacity of the city is just by getting lost in it’s magnificient Bazaars.

Especially in Old Delhi which has one of the world’s oldest spice market. Here you can find some of the really exclusive spices about which probably you don’t even know. There are lots of guided tours available in the city, and these guided tours take visitors through the captivating bazaars of Old Delhi while ensuring guests receive a refreshingly local and hassle-free experience.



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