Top picnic spot in Bangalore and things to do || Lalbagh Garden

Apart from being an I.T capital of India, Bangalore is also the city of parks. It has huge number of places where you can enjoy your serenity.
But have you ever wondered which is one of the best picnic spot in Bangalore where you have to visit if you’re here?
That place is non-other than The Lalbagh Garden, one of the top picnic spot located in the amidst of the city. With over 256 acres of total property and Flora and Fauna from around the world, this is a must visit place.
Truly this is one paradise for any nature lover, and in this blog post I’m going to answer why of the question.


Commissioned by the Haider Ali in 1760, this garden was completed by his son, Tipu Sultan. Hyder Ali decided to create this garden on the lines of the Mughal Gardens that were gaining popularity during his time. Hyder Ali laid out these famous botanical gardens and his son added horticultural wealth to them by importing trees and plants from several countries. Hyder Ali deployed people from Thigala community who were extremely good in gardening.
The Lalbagh garden is based on the design of the Mughal Gardens that once stood at Sira, which is 120 km from Bengaluru on the main NH4 at Tumkur District in Karnataka. This is amply supported by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) and other historical records. At that time, Sira was the headquarters of the strategically important southernmost Mughal “suba” (province) of the Deccan before the British Raj.
Today this beautiful garden has over 240 acres of the area and it is also the home of many birds and small animals. every year during republic day, the flower show is being hosted in the Lalbagh garden. During that period the beauty of this historic garden is just spellbinding. With thousands of exotic and beautiful flower spread like a sheet, spreading their sweet odour across the whole Garden area is just mythical.


Lalbagh is pretty famous in Bangalore so getting here is never an issue. Unless you’re some snob who thinks anyone can handle Bangalore Traffic.
Cabs, auto, bus almost anything you can try your hands on. There are total 4 number of gates in the Lalbagh Garden. Depending upon your location you can enter from any gate you want to. At the very minimal charge of just 20 rs you can get the entry ticket. Camera’s charges are extra.



I have been to the Lalbagh a lot of time, but every time it’s a new experience. A cluster of beautiful natural surrounding with a fresh environment is truly amazing. The moment you step into the garden it will take you to the totally new dimension. You will totally surrender yourself to the peace and enigma of the surrounding.
At the end of the day who doesn’t seek a moment of peace serenity in the whole chaotic city which is also an IT capital of the nation. Just few hours in this man-made beauty and surely you will revive your body and soul.
With the small kids enjoying to their fullest and some old people forming groups and talking about the current affairs. I don’t know whether who is gonna thrive in the next election, but for a moment you surely feel lost in these topics. The Lalbagh Garden is surely one of those places which everyone should consider visiting if they are visiting Bangalore.


When you visit this beautiful garden there are lots of thigs to do and surely places to see. But these are few of my favourite activities to get indulge in, which I would recommend everyone.

Go on a walk across the garden.

Go walk and explore the beauty at it’s best. This 250 acres of natural beauty is surely gonna leave you awestruck. Every turn in this beautiful garden is gonna land you total new area and dimension, different from the previous.
With some of the most exotic plants and some trees more than 100 years old, the best way to explore every nook and cranny is surely by walking. And also if you get tired they have this electric cart running inside the park which you can take.

visit the lake.


picnic park in Bangalore


Just a few meters away from the main gate, This beautiful lake is situated. Right in the midst of the park, surrounded by the huge beautiful trees. You surely won’t have any issue to locate it. With a total size of more than 30 acres, this is surely one of the best man-made lake in Bangalore. In the middle of the lake, there is this beautiful island with mangrove forest. Unfortunately, whenever I been to this beautiful lake it was closed.
But surely when you sit on the bench next to this beautiful lake you will yourself getting lost. It’s humble and beautiful surrounding is one of the best place to enjoy your own compony. Just carry your favourite book and get lost in the world of dreams.

Sit on the Peninsular Gneiss Rock.

Lalbagh Rock



 Lalbagh Hillock


On the right end of the park, there is a huge ancient piece of rock, which is older than many centuries. According to an estimation, this historic piece of rock is more than 3000 million old. Just a thought of coming across something so ancient is astonishing. Climb to the top of this extraordinary rock and enjoy the view from above. Just watch the time passing by

Japanese bonsai garden


Lalbagh Japanese Bonsai Garden



Lalbagh Japanese Bonsai Garden

Lalbagh Japanese Bonsai Garden


Right in front of the beautiful Peninsular Gneiss Rock there is this beautiful Bonsai Garden. With plants imported from around the world, this is one place to visit if you’re in Lalbagh. For me, bonsai was a new thing. I mean who grown a damn tree in a pot?. Inside this garden, their is this huge clay structure which claims to be the biggest clay structure in Asia and also has a guinness world record.

Visit MTR


Just few meters away from the main gate of the Lalbagh legendary Mavalli Tiffin House also know as MTR is located. Established in 1924 this is one true destination for any food lovers. I believe this is one place where everyone should visit, not only for their immaculate food but also for an experience.
While in MTR never forget to try their legendary Masala Dosa and Rava Idli with hot brewed cup of filter coffee. And also after spending hours wandering in the garden, what could be better than that.



Overall It’s a good place to hang out with your families and friends. Even if you’re going solo then also this place won’t disappointed you surely. Just take your time and enjoy this beautiful park without any hustle.

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