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Top 10 things to do:To get the best experience of your trip

Many people ask me, how do you get the most of your journey or how can you get the best experience of your trip when you’re travelling alone, do you need loads of money to spend when you’re travelling. The answer is no, you can get the best of your trip staying in your budget only. Here is my vital insight about “Top 10 things to do: To get the best experience of your trip”

 1.Make friends with locals



Make friends with local people. Ask them the secrets of the place where you can get the best food. Ask them about the places to visit. You can’t even imagine the details they are ready to share. You just need to ask.

2. Walk to explore

hills and walk


where ever I go, I always count on my feet to explore that place because by that you get more time to appreciate where you are. You don’t always need to go to tourist destinations of that terrain. Sometime a simple visit of the alley is more wonderful that a famous garden

3. Try local cousine


There is an old saying that goes by “If you’re in Rome, eat like a Roman”. Wherever you go give a try to their local cuisine, appreciate the local food and ingredient, you never know what could click you taste buds very next moment. Also by supporting local cuisine and culture you’re supporting the local community.

4. Don’t make plans.


You don’t always need to follow the schedule to enjoy. Sometimes just wandering in the unknown destination and following your heart could give you the most remarkable experience. Just go where your heart takes you. But don’t forget to take care of your safety because sometimes getting trap in some unknown terrain could be really fatal

5. Just sit and relax


Find a cozy place to sit and relax. Just get soaked in nature and enjoy what you do. My personal preference is to take a find a cozy place to sit in on a bench get a Tea/Coffee and just breath. That’s what I enjoy the best.

In my one of the blog about my Visit to Varanasi I have described how sitting at the Assi Ghat in the night was one of the best things I did there

6. Take a walk in the morning.

Morning wakl

Rise early in the morning when nature is in the best of its condition, when it is not surmounted by the crazy traffic and the crowd. At that time just take your bag and wander like a nomad. You will enjoy the best at that time when the nature will be at it’s best.

Wherever I go, I try to wake up by the dawn and just wander in the street getting soaked in nature.

7. Always carry your camera


Even if you get out to buy a toilet paper, get your camera. You never know when you will come across with next picture perfect moment, and how else can you make your trip more memorable apart by capturing that moment.

And trust me you don’t need to be an impeccable photographer to make that moment memorable. Pictures should be good enough to take you back in the lane of memory, where you will get lost in nostalgia.

8. Find fellow travellers-

Fellow traveller

Find some people like you who also loves to go to the different places. Share your experience, tell your story and do listen to their story also, there experiences from the past and which places has been their favourite destination.

In short become friends with fellow travellers, who are equally crazy and unpredictable as you are. The World is one hell out of boring place engage yourself as much as you can.

9  Do things in your budget


This is one of the biggest mistakes people make while travelling. People often tends to exceeds their budget. Because of some futile expenses and stuff they are not able to enjoy as much as they want.

Remember restraining yourself from buying some Branded shirts on the vacation could help you to spend another night within the tent beside some cozy campfire around your loved ones. Finally, it’s your choice what you choose and what you want.

It’s your money, use it wisely

10. Be your own master

Ruler the master

This is one of the best tip I can give to you if you wants to get the best experience of your trip “Be your own master”. Just do what you love, just go where you want, eat what you want to eat. In short just try to make that moment memorable as much as you can, so that if you think about your trip in future, all you’re left with is one big fat smile.

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