Milkty way galaxy, stargazing in India

How Stargazing in India made me a better person [spotting milky way]

How can stargazing be such thing that can change someone’s life? How can it make someone better or a bad person? Should I close this tab now? If these questions are getting struck in your mind after reading the title then I’m not surprised. But hold on with me and I will tell you about one of those most experience of my life which can change you also.

I have never been one of those guys who would wait whole night just to find the perfect time to watch the sky. This whole idea sounds very stupid and immature to me, until this time. I would had preferred any day to stay at home and watch some inter-galaxy movie rather. Recently I got the chance to view one of the most amazing natural Phenomenon which surely has left an impact on me. It does taught me some lessons which I will surely cherish for a long time.

How it began

part 1

Himalayan trek

Himayan trek


After visiting Delhi I visited the Himalayas for my trekking expedition. It was a 10 days trek organised by the YHAI to the Deo Tibba Base Camp. Before this my last solo trip was of Varanasi which was also amazing. Full of natural sightseeing and jaw-dropping amusing landscape this was one of such trip which I think everyone should have. Every single point on this trip was amazing.

every day we used to start our day by the 5’o clock in the morning at 6 we used to get our tea and by 7 our breakfast. Generally, when we are at our house we are not used to of following such routines. For me personally, my morning starts at 9 which means I would miss my morning tea and breakfast as well.

For most of us, it was no less than some traumatic experience, but like in general everything has its own reasons and the reason behind such schedule was good enough to make us repeat it in a loop again and again.

There every morning used to be like some surreal episode from the planet earth which used to be filled with the jaw-dropping views. Surrounded by the snow covered peaks gazed by the morning light. At one side you can see huge mountains whose tops sometimes used to disappear due to clouds and mists and on the other side it used to be the huge cluster of the wild forest with trees like oak, pine and many more. Forest so think that you can’t even see after few meters.

View so much phenomenal that we used to forget for a moment we have a life after this.

Sitting on the grass enjoying such magnificent view was the sole reason why most of the people used to wake up in the morning. Truly every morning used to be a divine experience out there. After some moments of solitude, we all used to head back to our camps where we used to collects and pack lunch have to breakfast and start getting ready for our next expedition.

All in all, I used to love mornings in the hills

Part 2

My stargazing experience was supposed to start at our 3rd camp which was at the altitude of almost 9500 ft. For most of the mountaineers it was like a cake walk but for a rookie like me, definitely, it wasn’t like any such thing. Our camp was on the edge of the mountain, located on the grassland a perfect destination for cattle. We reached their passing through the dense forest surrounded by the cluster of the huge oak trees.


Each of them were like taller than any 5-6 floor apartment and appeared huge. I have this thing within me that whenever I pass through any of mysterious place I imagine what it would be like to pass the same location in the night. That eerie feeling of watching some eye shining from the woods is something that is hard to explain though.

Anyways after reaching the campsite, our camp instructor told us about the MilkyWay and Stargazing experience. At first, I was astonished by the fact that I can even see the galaxy in which we live. I don’t know about you but I was surely baffled by this fact

He said that it’s going to be of milkfish colour, something like light white perhaps. After hearing this like most of us even I was excited and feeling of excitement couldn’t let me sleep only in the night.

During the bonfire also when most of us were singing and dancing and having fun, I was lost in that feeling.

As I went to bed by 9:30 I could hear the barking of the shepherd’s dog. That area was full of wild animals like wolf, mountain bears and sometimes Mountain Lions also. Probably they must have found some intruder that night or else they just felt something.

These dogs were so much furious during the nights that even the shepherds don’t dare to go near them during the nights. Anyways, who knows what must have happened that night.


Stargazing in India


At sharp 2:30 one of my friend whom I met on the trek came in my tent to wake me up. Apparently, after the whole day trek, I was so tired that I couldn’t even move my body, but I somehow managed to wake up.

That’s the most beautiful thing about life, we all just seek the motivation to do something and once we find it, nothing can stop us.

The moment I came out of my tent I was stunned, you must be thinking that my expressions are sometimes really over the top, but trust me they are not. The sky was full of stars twinkling and shining from all the directions. Each of them appeared like someone has fixed pearls in the sky. Some of them were shining more and some were less but it wasn’t some sought of competition. I guess each of them had their own purpose and they were just doing it.

When I was small I was often being told that when someone dies they become stars. This whole statement was futile, but at that time I was finding reason in that also. What if it was true and they are the soul of the descended ones and how many people must have died to create such and phenomenon view.

As the night was going down people started to leave towards their tents, but for me and other 3 brave hearts, it was once in the lifetime experience. I always wanted to lie on the grass beneath the bed of thousands of stars. This one thing was always on my bucket list.

We just sat there getting indulge in the moment and talking about yourself, secrets, life, death, aliens, god, ghost and what not. That was the beauty of the moment it brought us together and made us talk about different perspectives.

My Experience

Milkty way galaxy, stargazing in India

This stargazing experience was one of such experience that changed me a lot. I believe it made me more understanding person and shifted me towards more mellow part of mine.

I realised that sometimes we come together in some of the most unnatural situation where it’s least expected and sometimes doesn’t matter how much we try we just work out together.

I learned about the importance of motivation in anyone’s life and how much drastic change it can bring in someone’s life. I realised some of the most basic and fundamental values of life which we all know but find it hard to accept like sharing and working together.

Sometimes when we get everything easily we find it hard to understands it’s importance but in such adverse situations like this only we figure out what is a collateral beauty.

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