12 Amazing reasons to take your first Solo Vacation [Travel Tips] .

Are you tired of your same monotonous lifestyle? New things don’t fascinate you anymore. Do you feel that you need a change in your life but can’t find an inspiration in your life?

Well, this blog post is for all of such people who want to go on some adventrure solo but are little sceptical about it.

In this particular article of mine, I will try to tell you the “Top 12 reasons why you should go on Solo Vacations”. If you’re one of those who believes that travelling is one of that ultimate satisfaction in life, you should stick through.

We live in the world that is full of different types of materialistic obsessions and us humans like any stray cattle run behind everything.

We always try to find a new reason to indulge us upon, which can give us pleasure and satisfaction like no other thing. But once that particular necessity is over we again start our prolong quest.

Have you ever found yourself in such adversity, where you’re stuck between does and don’t?

Where you’re always curious about knowing the things which satisfy your soul as well as mind?

Well if your answer is yes, then you should consider reading this blog post on Solo vacations.


It has been scientifically proven that humans are sad most of the time because we compare our life with other. We often want to live like someone else but we never want to challenge our self or just get out of our comfort zone. By having this mindset we get stuck between does and don’t which makes us unsatisfied and unhappy.

As one of the famous quotes “Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into the story teller “

Just the thought of going to some new place where no one knows you, perhaps don’t even understand your language is an exciting travel idea.

But, how can you enhance such feeling?

Just do it, but all alone

Just imagine who would have imagined 500 years back that what could be there on the other side of the ocean if Columbus wouldn’t have dared to travel the world to seek the truth. That expedition was not his solo vacations, though but surely changed the world’s history.

Well, I’m not asking you to go out on such expedition and go gaga around the world I’m just asking you to go on solo vacations more often. Just maybe while getting lost in some unknown terrain maybe you will discover yourself.


SO here is the list of Top 10 Reasons how Travelling makes you satisfies

1)-Better understanding of the world

solo vacations


By taking solo vacations we tend to develop a better sense of understanding which we generally lack. We start giving respect to others view point and pay heed to what they want how we can help to deliver it.

Often people who travel more they are good listeners and they understand the importance of being a good listener. They understand that you don’t always need to be a good speaker. Sometimes it’s better to be just good listener

2)-Makes you mature.

mature person

Many people don’t understand the relation of maturity with travelling, they probably wonder how these two points are correlated. Well, it is.

By travelling you get a chance to come out of your comfort zone and get the observe the real world. You see misery happiness, joy and loss, all different emotions mixed up together. You realise life is not all fancy and once you come out of your comfort zone you will truly understand what life is all about.

Many times these small significant things make a huge impact in your life in a long term. They make you more realistic and changes your thought process.

4)-Makes you a better planner.

better planner

A traveller often knows what he/she doing and the impact of that particular thing in future and your solo vacations surely helps you in that. They understand that sometimes a small thing can make a huge change in the whole story and they plan things strategically.

Whatever they do, they plan in such a way so that they can get the optimum result of it.

For example, if you’re visiting a new place probably you will plan in such a way so that you cover one part but ignore the other part. But a traveller, on the other hand, makes a plan in such a way so that he cover the best of that destination in a particular period of time covering most of the major attraction.

This sense of planning not only helps them in their solo vacations but also during their daily situations.

You also understand the importance of every travelling tips

5)-Makes you happier.

happy preson

Certainly, people who travel more tends to be happier compared to normal people because their happiness is above the materialistic obsession and expectations from someone else. They realise the inevitable fact that everything in this world is certainly temporary and finally what we carry is our set of memories and they work on that.

Unlike others, they believe that we should live for the moment and they certainly do that. Most of the travellers who loves travelling they don’t even own up the house or the car.

 Whatever money they earn they spend it in travelling and experiencing the new things.

6)-Realise the importance of money.

By travelling you become really good at managing your money. You realise that rather that purchasing expensive shoes which you can get anywhere certainly you save up that money which you can use in your future expenditure.

They understand that saving small money now can bring a significant change in future. When you travel you understand that yes luxuries are important and sometimes it’s fine to treat our self but by saving money by staying in some traveller hostel you can probably save up money which can be used in future. Your solo vacations surely helps you in managing your hard earn money.

7)-Makes you an extrovert.

Solo vacations

By travelling you come out of your comfort zone and often do things which other people may hesitate. You realise that by talking to someone else you can know a lot of new things which can be really helpful. You talk, laugh, drink and even part with a random stranger whom you met just a few hours back.

I have traveller friend of mine who loves to travel across India. He told me once he met a girl in Delhi she was also travelling after that they became really good friends. It has been more than 4 years since that incident now they are happily married.

I know it is highly unlikely that you may meet your better half for your next trip. But who know by travelling more probably you can at least meet a new you. Solo vacations sound one of those tedious and boring things but once you realise it’s beauty it will make you a different you.

8)- Helps you make new friends

 new friends

Ask any solo traveller and they will tell you different stories how they made different friends around the world.

For me, it’s one f the best reason why I love my solo vacations because I meet new people, interacts with them, hear their stories and tell them yours. It is one of the best ways to understands other culture. As a human being, we often hesitate from the things we don’t understand. It gives you a chance to think out of the box.

When in general you’re travelling with your friend, family or the significant other you generally don’t bother about talking to new people. Even if you meet new people but the intensity of the talk won’t be there, that certain spark would be lacking. On the other hand, solo vacations are just opposite. When you travel alone you will be more eager to meet fellow traveller from around the world, go to an expenditure with them and who know what secret life has hidden for you in terms of that hidden friends

Travelling solo keeps you into the situation where you’re are alone and as a human nature even if you’re an introvert like me you will open up.

9) Ultimate sense of independence

solo vacations

This is something about which we always like to talk about but due to some reasons, we are just not able to achieve it, The Ultimate sense of Independence.

When you solo travel you’re above any drama any issue. You don’t have to rely on anyone to make your plans. You can do whatever you want, go where ever you want and most importantly you can eat whatever you want. That is apparently one of the best thing I like about solo vacations. Most of the time what happened is when we travel in a group is we have to make plans considering everyone because you just can’t ignore someone.

Just take an example Justin is travelling is his friends to Paris and he is one of those guys who love magnificent architecture. He visits Eiffel Tower and gets awestruck by its beauty and aura. After two days he again wants to visit the Eiffel Tower but his friends want to visit the Mall for some shopping and heavy-heartedly he has to follow what his friends want at that particular moment.

It’s not that I’m against the decision of Justin’s friends, it’s just that if he would have gone on solo vacations he probably could have visited the Eiffel tower again.

10) Probably you will find yourself

solo vacations

There is really old saying ” If you really want to discover yourself, you first have to get lost “, and this implies perfectly for your solo vacations. You don’t have to consider this saying literally but have to understand the depth of this. When you travel alone it’s not necessary that you will the best of the people or the best of the places. You may suffer the worst experience of your life but in the adverse situations like this only we truly discover who we are and. You will see your true form or be precise how you really are. How you react in such situations and how much patience you truly have.

You may suffer the worst experience of your life but in the adverse situations like this only we truly discover who we are and. You will see your true form or be precise how you really are. How you react in such situations and how much patience you have

you can either fall and never accept the challenge or you can just rise like a winner repeat those moments again and again. Trust me if you stay calm and react positively in those adverse situations you will truly total new and great from of you which you never thought that you could become. I’m not sure about much things in life, but my solo vacations have surely helped me to be a better person.

11) You will realise what really is important and what’s not

importance of small things

Solo vacations are great thing. It not only makes you realistic but also helps you to understand things from whole new perspective and dimension. When you star travelling solo, you will realise it’s not always important to carry your expensive sunglasses or to carry those expensive cream, you don;t always necessary require to flaunt your money. Sometimes

Sometimes having the least of the things can give you most of the satisfaction in your life.You will realise that to achieve the true pleasure you have to seek happiness in the smallest things and

12)  Will understand the difference between house and home.

house-vs-home difference

There is an old saying that goes by ” You only realise the importance os something when you don’t have it “. Same goes on for travelling alone. You will understand the inevitable difference between home and house. Where you go you can find a shelter, a house to stay. Probably you will make really good friends also and could stay in their homes, but at the end that comfort of your old cozy bed is something which nothing can replace.

You will like they are part of your D.N.A now and both of you can’t be separated. But again those feeling will make you appreciate the beauty of your family, your friends and your home.You will amusingly start respecting them more often


Here is the Deal

Solo vacations are one of the best gist you can give to yourself and it has a different experience, probably different that anything else and doesn’t matters how much you hessitate from it, you should give it a try.


4 thoughts on “12 Amazing reasons to take your first Solo Vacation [Travel Tips] .

  1. Nice, but I just don’t agree with n.7 ‘makes you an extrovert’. I’m an introvert and totally cool with it, that doesn’t mean I won’t talk to anyone on my trip or that I won’t make friends. It just means that I’ll rather spend the day on a museum than in a rave party. So, the correct word for n.7 shoud be ‘makes you more sociable’.
    Being extroverted is inherent to your personality and won’t change because of a trip. And that’s totally fine.
    The other 11 ones are awesome!

    1. Definitely you make a point here zack. I will consider it, thanks for reading it though if you like my work please share it with your friends. 🙂

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