The Mumbai Diary: My local train ride

First of all I would like to thanks all my fellow readers for being patient with me and for taking time out of busy schedule to read my blog. Because of people like you only I get motivated to move forward in my quest.

If you guys haven’t read my previous Blog post I would like you guys to visit my previous blog post about my visit to some of the other places like Varanasi, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and much more


On my latest visit to Mumbai I got the opportunity to visit lots of places like famous Kyani and co, India gate and much more. Apart from this I also met lot of new people who were the buildings blocks of this magnificent city

One of such experience which I always wanted to do and will remain with me was Mumbai’s famous local train ride.

I wasn’t sure about about the local train ride. Like of my plans this was also pretty much sudden. After my visit to marine drive area near marine line I had to go my room. I had the other options like bus, cabs etc, but then I realize if you’re in Mumbai why not travel like a true Mumbaikar who travels with most significant and important way of commute which is the back bone of the whole city. Their local train


Local trains of Mumbai was started by Britishers more than 150 years ago in 1853 and is one of the most exclusive and oldest railways system in the world. First train flee from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Thane and was considered to be the pioneer and was explicit example of Engineering during that Industrial era. It is one of those gifts provided by the Britishers which India has profoundly.


The Beginning

I started my journey from the famous and UNESCO worlds heritage site  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or as the local call it VT


This world famous station is one of the best example of Victorian Gothic Architecture. It’s huge towers and glass painted sealing are good enough to leave anyone awestruck and would take you in the tour of Victorian Era. I did hear a lot about this place, but seeing it by my own eyes was truely remarkable experience. One cannot even imagine how much time and patience people have spent to carefully craft it’s every minute details.

mumbai local train

The very first thing that catched my attention was the swarm of people. So many people at the same place rushing towards their destinations to begin their day was extra-ordinary. Luckily where for peoples it was the last stop, for me it was the beginning , so I did’n face that much crowd over all.

After collecting my ticket which was merely of Rs 10 I went on to find my respective platform. One thing which I really like about Mumbai is that people are always ready to help you in need. The very first person whom I asked escorted   me to the platform and also provided me with all the details, Like when the train will come, how much I have to wait and when I have to get-off. I’m sure he was so nice that if I would have asked me to join me in my train ride he wouldn’t have said no to me.

After waiting for nearly 5 minutes the train arrived and as it was about to reach people started running to allocate their seats. This strange practice you can easily spot anywhere in India and I believe only in India. It wasn’t that crowded as I mentioned earlier so I got my spot near the window of one of the compartment.

For ladies local trains has separate compartments, so that they don’t face any problem in their commute.


As my train started still I could see people going from one place to other in the station. For some it was the beginning and some it was it was the end. I found that really metaphoric.

With every passing station I could see myself getting involved in the journey. I could sense the humid air of Mumbai while it was bypassing my hair. People of all class gender and race travelling together towards their destination with peace and harmony. It is one of those place where everyone is treated same.

Personally I would like to say that travelling in the local train of Mumbai was neither like traveling in the metro or in the railways.

Were in railways which ply between two different cities you passes through lot of places like crop fields, untouched terrains, small villages and cities where you truly see the face of the India and it’s culture may be it’s not one of the most beautiful thing to observe but surely you won’t be able to resist from appreciating it’s rustic, simplicity and originality. Where some of the areas are still seeking modernization.


And travelling in the metro is like sitting in the moving capsule surrounded by quite as well as some really interesting peoples and watching skyscrapers and huge buildings of the suburbs. Where you see modern India where people live to make their dreams come true. Some win some lose but life never stops here.

For me Local train was like travelling in the both. Watching new and developing India which still nurtures the aura of it’s glorious history and culture.

The essence of the journey is hard to explain,but it’s definitely in my to do list in Mumbai.



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