Mumbai @night

Mumbai: Breakfast at the best Parsi resturant (Kyani and co)

First of all thank you all once again for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my travel blog. I know i’m a bit of a clumsy writer with awful sense of writing. So, yes you guys are awesome and I really appreciate you patience.
This particular blog post of  mine will be about my latest visit to Mumbai, where I got lot of opportunity to explore the Victorian Gothic architecture,inspired by Victorian era and lot of old heritage buildings which has seen the whole century passing by in front. Sometime I wonder if these buildings could tell their story what would they say.?.


On my trip to Mumbai I was lucky enough to visit one of the most historic place in the Mumbai which has maintained it’s food history and culture since more than 110 years. Yes that’s right more than 110 years. The very own Kyani & co. This Parsi resturant or rather I say cafe has seen our whole freedom movement and after that also lot of historic changes and profoundly sustained it’s legacy  in the sands of time.
Where most of the restaurants merely sustains for few years this places has nurtured a small piece of history within itself.
It was established in the late 1904, and it is still standing firmly near Metro cinema, Marine line.



Mumbai @night

Reaching here is not a problem. From the CST(chhatrapati shivaji terminus) also know as V.T it’s easily 15 minute walk. You can also reach here by taking the Auto or cab which will maximum charge you 50 rs.
From airport it is almost 35 Km away. I would recommend don’t fall in the honey trap of the auto driver or cab driver in the airport area they will almost charge you double. It’s better to walk to the main road and get your vehicle from outside. They will charge you marginally.



My flight from the Bangalore was at 5 in the morning and I reached Mumbai Airport at 6:30.
One thing which I really liked about the airport was that it was located in the middle of the town only so there is no hustle to reach anywhere in the town from there.
After collecting my luggage I went outside. As it was too early to do anything so I went to coffee shop located outside the Airport.
What else could be better way to kick start your day other than a soothing and warm cup of coffee.
As I was roaming around, lot of taxi drivers came and inquired where I want to go, but from my past experience I have learnt that never take your vehicle from the airport area.
I walked outside and after a while I took my cab


Black and yellow

chatrapati shivaji

Mumbai is famous for it’s colorful black and yellow taxi which is the lifeline of the city since many years. These cab drivers are really helpful and would happily assist you if you want to know something about  the city.
My cab was not so different, It had the roof covered with some fancy cloth with trippy design and it was beautiful.

cab from inside

My first sight of Mumbai was tall and beautiful skyscraper. As the city is getting more and more densely populated, people are left with no choice but to move towards sky.
It was morning so the roads were not so crowded. Cab driver told me from 9’O clock here you wont even have space to stand and cars actual crawls.
It was amazing to think how the roads where hawkers were busy in selling their fresh farm products will have totally different life in few hours. Some sought of parallel universe.
After covering area like Dadar and Worli I reached my destination in almost half an hour.



This restaurant has new renovated building which still has the essence of it’s old historic structure.
The moment I entered I felt I took a step in the past. With high ceilings and wall painted in the light green color, it had a different aura.
It has some really old picture of Old people, probably the first generation of the owners and the kitchen attached in the dinning area only. The 2nd floor opens on weekends only when the crowd gets little too much to accommodate.
As I went on weekday morning so the area was closed
It has a really exclusive menu with some of the authentic Parsi food like Bun Maskaa, different variety of their very own berry pulov and much more.
I ordered their famous Keema Pav, Masala Tea and pastrie the rate was very marginal with total bill of 156 only to my surprise, which is really affordable.

keema pav

Food took almost 10 min to reach my table. Kemma was just mouth watering and really delicate and simple with the perfect mix of spices without any show off, and the pav was perfectly balancing the little hard taste of keema. Pav was as fluffy as sponge and so fresh that you could actually taste the fragrance of the oven it was in few hours before. Tea was perfect to wash down all of it. Whole ambiance was really relaxing with no rush and hustle
That place was nothing like your day to day cafe. I saw lot of old people sitting their enjoying reading the news paper with the hot cup of tea. One thing that really astonished me in my visit was seeing three generation of Parsi family enjoying their morning breakfast. The laugh and family time which they were having there was beautiful.


look from 2nd floor
It was amazing to see how this place was building the pillar of the family more stronger and was teaching us that privileged are those who have one.
On my little talk with the owner of the restaurant he told me that this is the 3rd generation of family running the restaurant and more than a restaurant this place has always been the joining area of the families and friends, where people come together and enjoy their time . May be that’s why this place is still standing firmly and has not lost in sands of time, because unlike other restaurants/cafe it does not focus on filling their pocket, but focus on nurturing the most basic of value, love and respect.




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