Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden: The Garden of Ancient Ruins

Wouldn’t you be surprised after finding a beautiful destination to relax surrounded by ancient ruins in the middle of the cluster of the Huge Building and significant traffic?

A place where you can just and have some me time and enjoy the beauty in it’s purest forms.

Well! if your answer is yes then Lodhi Garden is one destination for you and this Lodhi Garden travel blog I have covered all the necessary detail why you should not miss one of the gems of Delhi

Recently I got the chance to visit Delhi once again. To get lost in those historic alleys. To get submerge in the rich history of the city. To devour the glorious food culture.

This time on my list were many places like Lotus temple, Aksrdham temple, Jama Masjid and much more, but to be precise one place about which I have had heard a lot and always wanted to visit was the Beautiful Lodi Garden. And in this Lodi garden Travelogue I will cover every aspect of this surreal destination.

Located in the middle of the city near the Khan Market area, Lodhi Garden is a hotspot for any morning walkers as well as history lover. People from all around the world at least visit this places whenever they get the chance to visit Delhi. And apparently, who don’t they should not underestimate it.

 Spread over 90 acres (360,000 m2), it contains, Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad, architectural works of the 15th century by Lodis- who ruled parts of northern India and Punjab and Khyber of modern-day Pakistan, from 1451 to 1526.


By Metro

Located in South Delhi, this landmark garden is situated right between Khan Market and Safdurjung’s Tomb on Lodhi Road. Jor Bagh (on the Yellow Line) and Khan Market (on the Violet Line) are the closest metro stations.

You can easily get a metro to these destinations from almost anywhere in the city.

By Road

This area is located in the midst of the city so from almost anywhere in the city you can drive here without any hustle.

My Visit

Personally, I’m that kind of guy who is always been fascinated by the rich history and the ruins. Those historic monuments have always attracted me. Apart from it I love visiting parks and gardens because those are the places where you can find a moment of peace in the chaos of the city.

So, basically for a person like me Lodi Garden was a must visit destination because it is one of those very places which has both the elements, history and nature ( Trust me, if you’re into travelling then you will surely understand what I mean by this). Unfortunately due to the shortage of time I couldn’t visit it last time, but this time I didn’t want to miss the spot so the very next day after Diwali, I visited Lodi garden

Firstly I visit the Khan Market, which is famous for its exclusive restaurants and edgy lifestyle.

Khan Market has is one stop shopping destination for lots of people. From earrings to chandelier you can get almost anything here and if you’re in Khan Market don’t forget to visit the famous Khan Chacha, their Rolls are worth something dying from.

From there Lodi Garden is just 10 min walk. You can get an auto from there but I would recommend having a walk.

The very first thing that came in my mind as I entered the Lodhi Garden was that it’s well maintained and it’s diversity. People from different races, nationality, gender, age were roaming together. Most of them were college students which should not surprise you if you’re in Delhi.

As I moved ahead I saw a really beautiful man-made pond on my left with some benches around it. Some ducks and young couples were having their best time. I didn’t bother to disturb either of them, it seemed the lake was made for them only and love was sprinkling everywhere.

Lodi garden

Places to visit




The very first ruin which I came across in the Lodhi Garden was the tomb of Mohammad Shah. He was the third ruler of the Lodi Empire who ruled between 1434-1444. This tomb was made by his son.

This area was really really peaceful with birds chirping all around and that musk smell of grass everywhere.Definitely, these ruins required some maintenance.

As I touched the wall of the tomb, which was still dusky, I imagined what it would fell like to be of those eras and what would have been the geography during that time, perhaps not so green or just maybe more? Just in front of the tomb there was one huge gate from which royal family used to enter.

I just sat there for next 10 minutes getting lost in my solitude and my thoughts.



Sheesh Gumbad


sheesh-gumbad (Lodi Garden)


Just a few steps ahead of THE TOMB OF MOHAMMAD SHAH through the beautiful garden is the famous Sheesh Gumbad. Its famous name came from the set of blue tiles which used to enhance it’s beauty once.

Still, some remains are there on the top, but most lost their spark in the sands of time.  Sheesh Gumbad has been dated as built sometime in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century and has graves of an unknown family in the Lodhi Garden.

When it was built it used to be striking white but due to lack of maintenance and many other reasons also it has lost its glow. Still it is a beautiful sight which has preserved some rich history in itself.



Bara Gumbad

Bara gumbad - Lodi Garden



Just in front of the Sheesh Gumbad is another set mark of Lodhi Dynast’s architecture, The Bara Gumbad.

Build during 15th century it is one remarkable experience for any history lover. With beautiful inscriptions and design, it is one sight to visit.

Due to its extraordinary view, it attracts lots of movie makers When I visit this place, lots of movie shooting were going on. Some pre-weeding shooting and some music video shooting as well. It seems this has it’s own space for everyone.

The experience which I had there was totally remarkable. Especially those beautiful inscriptions on the wall. I asked few people what does that exactly means, they said, “They are some words from Holy Kuran”. I believe when you have blessings of almighty himself, yours existence can never be just history.



The landscape is simply superb, as I mentioned before, Lodhi Garden has something for everyone. Beautiful trails surmounted adorable flowers, trees and peaceful environment.

Apart from this, people from all over the world comes here for bird watching. With more than 100 variety of birds out of which some are migratory, this is one place to visit.

Here is the Deal

Lodhi garden is an extraordinary destination where you should visit if you’re in Delhi. During summer this place is a destination to avoid scorching Delhi’s heat. Here you can easily find a tree and just lie and relax and during winters, to enjoy winter sun. Doesn’t matter whether you are Old, young, Bachelor or family everyone can come here to spend some good time.

Places to visit near Lodi Garden

  • Safdarjung’s tomb

  • Gandhi Smriti

  • Khan Market

  • Humayun’s tomb

  • Sai Baba Temple

  • Indra Gandhi Memorial

  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

  • Raj path

  • Rastrapati Bhavan








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