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Milkty way galaxy, stargazing in India

How Stargazing in India made me a better person [spotting milky way]

How can stargazing be such thing that can change someone’s life? How can it make someone better or a bad person? Should I close this tab now? If these questions are getting struck in your mind after reading the title then I’m not surprised. But hold on with me and I will tell you about […]

12 Amazing reasons to take your first Solo Vacation [Travel Tips] .

Are you tired of your same monotonous lifestyle? New things don’t fascinate you anymore. Do you feel that you need a change in your life but can’t find an inspiration in your life? Well, this blog post is for all of such people who want to go on some adventrure solo but are little sceptical […]

Hampi travel blog

Hampi travel blog || places to see / best activities for everyone

In this Hampi travel blog I’m going to share some of the best places to visit in Hampi and some really cool activities where you and your whole family can be involved. Have you ever desired for visiting such place where you’re truly lost in the serenity of nature? Where you’re almost detached from the […]


Top picnic spot in Bangalore and things to do || Lalbagh Garden

Apart from being an I.T capital of India, Bangalore is also the city of parks. It has huge number of places where you can enjoy your serenity. But have you ever wondered which is one of the best picnic spot in Bangalore where you have to visit if you’re here? That place is non-other than […]

Mussoorie Tourist places

Mussoorie the Queen of Hill stations || Top Mussoorie tourist places

Do you know which are some of the top Mussoorie Tourist places? Have you ever desired for visiting such destination where you can just get lost in nature? Where at least for a moment you feel detached from the materialistic world? Where you sit in the lap of the nature and for a moment you truly […]

Cycling in the hills : Mussoorie activity for everyone

Mussoorie is one of that destiantion which is full of history and nature. If you’re an adventure junkie then this has lots of hidden secrets for you. One of the best Mussoorie activity is Cycling. I did that and trust me when I say it was one of the most memorable exerience I had in […]

Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden: The Garden of Ancient Ruins

Wouldn’t you be surprised after finding a beautiful destination to relax surrounded by ancient ruins in the middle of the cluster of the Huge Building and significant traffic? A place where you can just and have some me time and enjoy the beauty in it’s purest forms. Well! if your answer is yes then Lodhi […]

4 reasons why you should travel to Delhi. (Delhi travel blog)

4 reasons why you should travel to Delhi. (Delhi travel blog) I hope you guys are having a nice day and would like to thank you all for taking an initiative to read my blog. Without your support and motivation it wouldn’t have been possible. If you like my work please share the blog and like […]

Indian train

My train journey to Mysore: Mysore Travel Blog

Hello my fellow readers, if you guys are not new to my website you guys must be knowing exploring new things is one of the inseparable parts of me and like everyone, even I enjoy it to the core. Since the very first year when I came to Bangalore I uses to craved for that […]

How to cover whole Mysore (1 day) : Mysore travel blog

Have you ever been to anyplace, but due to the shortage of time you just couldn’t explore that whole place? Probably yes!, as you know most of us have been in that situation where we just couldn’t do it due to the shortage of time or lack of planning. Well, in this particular blog post I’m […]

The Islands of Sheep: Faroe Islands Travel blog

INTRODUCTION Thank you all my patience readers for staying with me and supporting me in my quest. I know I may not be the best travel blogger in the world, but I try to present my work in as much creative and interesting way as I could. I have been to lots of places in […]

Mumbai Travelblog: Visit to The Gateway of India

One again I would like to thank all my viewers of the blog. Because of you people only I get motivated to write more and share more about my experience. Recently I visited Mumbai where I lot of historic places and eating joints like Kyani and Co which has been there more than 100 years. […]

Coorg Coffee

Coorg : The Scotland of India.

Sometimes you seek happiness in the most unpredictable manner of the life. When you’re sure that nothing is going right but it comes and hit you like a wave in the ocean. So was my trip to the District of the Coorg. I Started my journey really early early in the morning, almost 6 clock […]

How to save more than half money while travelling || Top 7 tips

Have you ever desired to travel to one of your favorite destination but you just couldn’t because of travel expenses? Most of the people think that travelling can come up really hard in their pocket and you can just cannot ignore them. If you’re one of those, brace yourself because by implementing these tried and […]


The Mumbai Diary: My local train ride

First of all I would like to thanks all my fellow readers for being patient with me and for taking time out of busy schedule to read my blog. Because of people like you only I get motivated to move forward in my quest. If you guys haven’t read my previous Blog post I would […]


The best chaat in Chandani Chowk || Natraj Dahi Bhalla (Best Street food)

Have you ever desired to eat the best of Street food in the whole Delhi, but every time gets confused due to the shortage of information? Maybe even if you find one but finally finds out it’s not as good as expected. Here’s the deal, most of the reviews which you read on the Internet are […]

Mumbai @night

Mumbai: Breakfast at the best Parsi resturant (Kyani and co)

First of all thank you all once again for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my travel blog. I know i’m a bit of a clumsy writer with awful sense of writing. So, yes you guys are awesome and I really appreciate you patience. This particular blog post of  mine will be […]

Bangalore weather

Bangalore: The best place to live India.

first of all I really thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule and taking an Initiative to read my blog. Because of awesome peoples like you only I get motivation to rise in my endeavor. Long story short. I have been staying in Bangalore since past two years and these two years have […]

A day in Delhi, India’s capital travel blog

Delhi is India in a nutshell~Anonymous  Delhi’s History     Delhi has really long and vital history and a huge significance in emerging India in the global level.Wheather it’s silk route or any other significance factor Delhi has always been evolved. Since the early 12th century Delhi has been center of Mughal Empire and other powerful […]

Varanasi view from boat

Things to do in Varanasi || Varanasi travel tips blog

Have you ever wanted to experience the most of any country in a short period of time? Probably a place where you can get the most of it in a short time. well, in this blog post of mine I’m going to discuss abut one of such place where you can truly experience India in […]