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In this Hampi travel blog I’m going to share some of the best places to visit in Hampi and some really cool activities where you and your whole family can be involved.
Have you ever desired for visiting such place where you’re truly lost in the serenity of nature? Where you’re almost detached from the outside and you feel like you’re back in time?
well, there is one place. Standing firmly in the storm of time. India’s very own city of Rocks, Hampi.
In this Hampi travel blog I cover some of my favourite things.
Located in the Northen Karnataka, Hampi is a small village famous for its glorious temple which are more than 500 years old. This mystic city is also recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is surrounded by the cluster of rock which are more than millions years old and the ruins of glorious Vijayanagar empire.
One visit to this ancient village and it will surely take you back in time. During the Golden Era (1440-1540), Vijaynagar had about 500,000 inhabitants (supporting 0.1% of the global population), making it the second largest city in the world after Beijing and almost thrice the size of Paris.


From some of the artefacts and remains found in the Bellary District, it has been proven that this region was the part of the Maurya Empire during 3 B.C.
Before the rise of the Vijayanagara kings, the region was probably in the hands of chiefs of Kampili, now a small town, 19 km east of Hampi.
Because of the trails of huge rocks covering the 3 sides of the city and Tungabhadra river on one side, it was chosen as the capital of the Vijayanage Empire in 1345 A.D. Since that year this glorious destination has served as the capital of the Glorious Kingdom. It was considered as one of the richest city in India at one time.

How to reach

By Air

Hampi specifically doesn’t have its own airport, but the nearest airport is at Hubli which is 144 km away from the village. To reach Hampi from their you can directly take a taxi from the airport. But keep in mind that not many flights commute from the Hubli Airport. If you’re travelling by the flight it’s always recommended to land to Bangalore Airport.

By Train.

The nearest railway station from the village of Hampi is at Hospet which is 11 km away. You have many trains going to Hospet from across the Karnataka. Apart from the Karnataka, you can also get trains from Goa as lots of people come to Hampi after Goa, probably to calm down their party fever.

By Bus.

There are regular buses from other major cities of the Karnataka to Hospet, which is the nearest bus stop. From most of the cities of Karnataka, Hampi is barely an overnight journey. You also get lots of buses plying from the Goa, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu and other nearing states. Personally, I would recommend getting a sleeper bus to Hospet, as most of these buses are really comfortable.

First Impression of the Hampi.

hampi travel tips

The very first view of the mythical Hampi I got when I was coming here from the Hospet. It has this huge cluster of the rocks and ruins of the temples scattered everywhere. The moment you come here it takes you back in time. For me, it was so acute that for a moment I found myself in a whole new world. I was actually getting blown by the laid back life of the villagers.
The laid back life of the villagers here truly astonished me. The never ending trails and the glorious temples made me wonder about the mythical Vijayanagar Empire. I believe whoever comes to Hampi for a moment they surely wonder how life would have been in those eras.

Things to do in Hampi.

Hampi is a beautiful destination with lots of activities to get involved in. From exploring ruins of the temples to cycling though the train you can do almost anything. In this I’m going to cover all the major activities and the places to visit of you’re in Hampi or just planning your trip here.

Cycling through the village.

Cycling In hampi

Hampi has an amazing train for cycling enthusiast and apparently cycling is the best way explore this ancient village. The monuments here are spread in every corner which to be precise you can’t explore just by motor vehicle. By cycling, you can go anywhere and can explore most of the ruins.
Cycles are available in almost every shops whether it’s some restaurant serving some multi-cuisine or just merely a general store. At the very minimal rate of only 150Rs, you can get a cycle for a day.
Apart from that, there are also some government-run tour for the cyclist, but for that, you have to prior register.
I took a cycle for a day, it was really tiring but because of that I explored places which I couldn’t have without that. Just get your own cycle and probably you will find your own secret ruin like I did.

Visit the other side of the River.

Hampi travel blog


Hampi is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. An ancient river which divide the state of Hampi into two parts. Another side of the river is basically famous for it’s Hippy and laid back environment. For crossing the river you have to wait for the motor boat, at the minimal charge of just 10rs, they will let you cross the river without any hustle.
Find some cosy shack next to the paddy field and enjoy the hot cup of coffee with some chilled music. They have fantastic menu when it comes to food which you can try.  There are also lots of hostels available here where you can stay in the minimal rate.

Watch the Elephant taking bath in the morning.

Hampi River

I know whether this is worth trying for or not, but this is surely this is one of such activity which is one of its own.
Every morning at nearly 9 o clock they bring an elephant from one of the main temples of the Hampi, to take bath. Watching such a huge creature taking bath with such a grace following every instruction of her owner is certainly a different experience.

Places to visit in Hampi

Hampi is full of an architecture monuments of the Vijayanagar empire with more that 2000 ruins all across. Some of the famous attractions of the village are as follows.

1) Virupaksha Temple.

Located in the main village only, Virupaksha temple is famous for its marvellous architecture and surreal stone carving details. According to the Hindu mythology, Virupaksha Temple is the temple where Load Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati. During evening when rays of light passing from the horizon fall on this temple it’s truly mesmerising. It’s one of such active temple where people still go for worshipping

2) Vijaya Vittala Temple

vittala temple hampi

This famous temple is located in the Northeast point of the Hampi and is dedicated to the lord Vittala, who’s is one of the forms of the lord Vishnu. Famous for it’s surreal architecture this temple has the world’s famous Stone Chariot.
The architecture of this temple is truly extravagant and good enough to blow your mind. Don’t forget to visit this temple if you’re in Hampi.

3) Queen’s bath.

Queens bath Hampi

Queen’s bath is almost 7 km away from the market. It’s the place where elite class women of the Vijayanagar Empire used to come to take bath. This is one place which will remind you of modern days Spa and tubs. It has some windows for the ventilation and structure truly reminds you that in that era also people were so specific about the minute details. Using limited resources creating such an astonishing structure is truly amazing.
The garden in front of the Queen’s bath is famous for picnics or just relaxing. Rather that taking any bus or auto take a cycle to visit this place.

4) lotus Mahal.

Lotus mahal

While writing my Hampit travel blog this is one place which I wanted to mention the most.
Build in Ind0-Islamic style the palace is two stories structure where visitors are allowed to visit on only one floor.
The highlight of this structure is its extraordinary structure. Unlike most of the structure of the city, this is still undamped and untouched.During the ancient time, this Mahal used to be the area for the kings and queens to just sit and relax. Probably like lounges of a modern era.

5) Elephant Stable

elephant stable Hampi

Located in the same area where Lotus mahal is located, Elephant stable is another architecture masterpiece of Vijayanagar Empire. It’s been said that this is the place where the royal elephant of the empire used to be kept, as you can certainly guess from its name. It is this huge rectangular building with huge gaps for the elephants.
If you go inside one of such stable, you can see the detailings done by the workers. Those minute details definitely make a huge impact on the subconscious minds of the viewers.

6) Monkey Temple

Hanuman temple hampi

Located on the other side of the river, this is one of the most famous sites of the Hampi, and many people from around the world come here to witness this extraordinary site only. If you’re in Hampi you should not miss this place. According to the ancient mythology, this is the birthplace the Hindu monkey god Hanuman so that’s why this place has huge significance in the Hindu Culture. The route to this site is really treacherous and not everyone can climb this place. You have to climb 575 steps to reach the top of the mountain where the temple is located.
The climb is not at all east. Those steep steps at such a height and at certain points you have to pass under the huge rocks. But against all odds, once you reach the top, the view is just impeccable.
I never thought of climbing 575 steps to reach here but especially for my Hampi travel blog I did that.
Apart from these famous points there are also lots of other points also where you can visit like
  • Matanga Hills
  • Statue of Ugra Narasimha
  • Stepped Tank
  • Tungabhadra lake
  • Shivlinga

Here is the deal.

Hampi is certainly a history lover’s paradise. Anyone who wants to feel the touch of that ancient era. But apart from it is also for someone looking for solitude or wanna have some quality time with family/friends.
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