About Us


I’m a 21 years old travel junkie who loves to travel because it gives me sense of freedom and liberty which nothing else can. For me travel is always about getting immersed in the local culture. There is one saying “if you’re in Rome be like a Roman. Apart from it I love to eat,cook,make some music and also to play my guitar. Just give me these few essentials and I can sustain anywhere in the world

I grew up in Patna,capital of Bihar in the middle class family where we always been taught talk less and work more, but my dad never followed that rule. I remember almost every summer vacation we used to travels to hills and mountain to rid of agonizing heat waves. For me summer was all about Family trip. But once you grow up you realize that it’s a totally different feeling once you travel alone. That immense sense of freedom and responsibility merged together like some cocktail which makes you high.

Personally I never though I would pen down my experience, but then one fine morning while reading one of the Travel Blog I realize, why not share you story with the whole world. So here i’m to bore you guys to death with my awful sense of writing. Have a nice day my fellow reader took a time of there busy life to take a glance about me. Adios..!!